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Shopify Expert

I set up and manage Shopify stores. I am able to set up a store using either basic or purchased themes, with custom modifications to ensure the site works how the customer wants.


I help configure and integrate required apps as well as SEO parameters to ensure that the site works well and can give the expected level of social media integration as well as other services to enhance the customer experience.


I can regularly update and review each aspect of the site, ensuring that it is held to modern techniques, current technologies and best practices with SEO to optimize search traffic to the site.

Meet illustrative Ariven

As a Shopify partner and Shopify Expert I have built several private apps to enhance stores that I manage. I also manage several stores, helping to improve the user experience, enhance profitability and reduce what customer service agents have to do to handle orders..
Patrick Spence

Patrick Spence


I am a computer generalist. I am an artist. I am a writer. I have kids and grandkids. Apparantly I get distracted by shiny objects.. :)

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chic Pipsqueak

chic Pipsqueak

Monthly bow subscription

Patrick was very quick to respond to my emails which I really appreciated. He was willing to try and figure out everything I asked and also super helpful in teaching me codes so I could totally understand how to change items in the future and be able to do a lot going forward myself to my site which I was very appreciative of also. Overall, I love what we were able to accomplish and would recommend him. I also loved that he said if I have any questions going forward to reach out!

True Grace Apparel

True Grace Apparel

Apparel and Accessories

Patrick proceed with us as if he were developing his own website. He was very patience with us, explained every function carefully and stay on each function until we completely understood it. His work ethics were also prompt and quick, didn't let grass under his feet. I would have Patrick develop another website for us!

Posh North

Posh North


I had a website on a word press and it was depressing how bad it was. I had been wanting to switch it over to Shopify, but wasn't sure where to start. I started looking at the experts, and so happy I picked Illustrative Ariven. Patrick emailed me right away, gave me a quote and the next day he was working on it. It was so quick, painless and made the process so easy. I never had to wait to get a question answered. This company is amazing! Now, I have a working website and so much easier to use than wordpress. I highly recommend Illustrative Ariven.

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