illustrative Ariven and what I do

I set up and manage Shopify stores. I am able to set up a store using either basic or purchased themes, with custom modifications to ensure the site works how the customer wants.

I help configure and integrate required apps as well as SEO parameters to ensure that the site works well and can give the expected level of social media integration as well as other services to enhance the customer experience.

I can do either a full turnkey setup of a site or ongoing management of technical features, with regular updates and reviews of all aspects of the site such as app management, app cost justification and current feature set.

I can regularly update and review each aspect of the site, ensuring that it is held to modern techniques, current technologies and best practices with SEO to optimize search traffic to the site.

As a Shopify Expert I can help you create, modify, enhance, and expand your Shopify store.

As a Shopify partner and Shopify Expert I have built several private apps to enhance stores that I manage. I also manage several stores, helping to improve the user experience, enhance profitability and reduce what customer service agents have to do to handle orders..

I am a computer generalist. I am an artist. I am a writer. I have kids and grand-kids. Apparently┬áI get distracted by shiny objects.. ­čÖé